The World Has Changed.

A Different Approach

For too long, leadership development has been the realm of self-proclaimed “experts.” That model has produced minimally effective solutions that have not kept up with the changes in our societies.

We prefer to build solutions and services that are agile, adaptable, and serve users more than they serve ourselves. Customers first, egos last.


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We offer solutions and experiences for everyone – whether free, off-the-shelf experientials and content, subscription-based platforms, or fully customized toolsets, our goal is the democratization of leadership. We cannot change the world without changing ourselves!

We Need To Reach Everyone

Leadership solutions today are too expensive, too complicated, and usually only made available to those who are already in “leadership” roles. 

We believe that leadership is applicable to everyone’s life, and it is possible to deliver effective training and impactful experiences in a multitude of ways – we do not always know best.

The only way to be successful is to focus on the desired outcomes first, and work backwards from there. We are here to listen, learn and serve.

How To Hire A Development Vendor

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Leadership Development Isn’t Working. Should It Be?

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Free Tools

Browse our free tools and content. Looking for something that you don’t see? Contact us and we may be able to help.


Subscription Tools

We offer multiple subscription-based tools that allow you to communicate better, understand more, and dive deeper into your customer’s needs.



We are a diverse team generationally, racially, geographically, and in gender. We can help you support leaders in any environment.


Custom Development

Need a fully custom tool developed for your program? Have an idea you want to bring to market? We have been building tools for 20+ years and would love to talk!



Dan Richard

When we were a young company The Flux Creative helped us to build, launch and manage our website and digital platform. Now, 15 years later, we remain a client and continue to rely on them for guidance and management of our platforms. The Flux Creative understands and helps shape our long term vision and has excellent understanding of details and how to get things done.


Jesse Andrews

TFC is a company with a strong sense of ownership and driving for results all the time. They can see and address everything from the big picture to the details. They are creative, energetic, solutions-oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. The Flux is an asset to any company they are working with!

About Our Company

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Our backgrounds are as diverse as our experiences at The Flux Creative. But, we all share a common goal of wanting to have true impact in the world by supporting educators, coaches, and users who are working to develop themselves and others each day.

The ROI for leadership development has been trending in the wrong direction for far too long. Long-term results show marginal impact, if any.

We want to change that trend through listening to our customers and the market, learning how users can be best supported, and focusing on long-term and sustainable outcomes that can be quantified through highly specific KPIs.

We are true partners, always willing to support in any way we can. If we can’t offer a solution that meets your needs, we very likely know of an individual or organization that can. We will gladly make introductions to those who can provide a solution that best suits your needs.