Delivering Solutions That Serve You

Customers first. Egos last.

We have been building custom and unique solutions for more than twenty years. Though we may not be one of the “big five” our employees are as broad and diverse as any organization, and we work truly agile with a focus on the challenges you are working to solve, the users you are supporting, and the clearest paths to delivering value.

The Flux Creative was founded in 2000 and has successfully served hundreds of customers, and partnered with organizations across the world. We help you meet your customers where they are, whether print, online, native apps, in the classroom, or one-on-one.

the flux creative office

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Unique Tools

We offer a variety of unique content, platforms, and services. Some available at no cost. Our goal is to develop solutions that serve our partners and customers, not our egos. We strive to create valuable and customizable experiences.

modern leadership solutions


The Flux Creative not only consults on technical and product-related work, but can help you and your organization with facilitation, training and classroom design, and how to be more inclusive and diversity-focused.

product development

Product Development

We’ve developed tools for individuals, Fortune 100 organizations, and customers in-between. We excel in Agile development, web and native applications, inclusive design, and print solutions. We will always connect you with someone if we are unable to serve you directly.