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How To Hire A Development Vendor

Vendor or Partner?

Due to the number of possible solutions that you may be seeking at any given time, it is not possible to cover everything that you may want to consider or ask specific vendors over time. There are lots of good articles already online that will give guidance on specific questions and details that you may want to review for specific projects – website, web app, native app, etc.

The reality is that working with a vendor is a relationship. And, like all relationships, if it starts off with a good foundation, it is much more likely to last long-term. Relationships based entirely on money are often not long for this world.

Below, is a guide for how I would recommend beginning a relationship with a vendor – whether for software development or, just about, anything else. I’ve been hiring vendors to support many business areas for over fifteen years. It took me the first ten years to figure out what I should be focusing on when beginning a new relationship.

Did they ask/engage about your values or mission?

Your values and/or mission is your identity. It is why your customers choose you, over someone else. If a vendor doesn’t understand who you are and what you represent, they are unable to connect their work with you and your organization in truly meaningful ways. Good vendors will research who you are, before you meet, or will try to understand who you are during initial conversations. If they aren’t asking these types of questions, be sure that you are continuing to research your options in the market.

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Leadership Development Isn’t Working. Should It Be?

Outcomes Matter

There have been many, many articles written over the last few years that speak to the short-comings of “leadership development” courses and programming.

Is It Time To Go Back To The Fundamentals Of Leadership Development?

Why Leadership Development Is Still Stuck In The Dark Ages.

Leadership Development Is A $366 Billion Industry: Here’s Why Most Programs Don’t Work

Depending on the organization or the expert doing the writing, the reasons may vary with regard to why they believe that these programs aren’t delivering on long-term ROI – and what they believe the solutions are to that challenge. But, the basic premise of many of these stories is the same.