Green View currently offers six varieties of mulch. What will work best for you depends on the physical characteristics of your property as well as what is most appealing. Please do contact us with any questions about problem areas or results you’ve had with our products. We love getting feedback. 

Look out for a Dyed Black choice coming in 2020!




We get so many compliments on our soil! 

When loading or scheduling a delivery, we often recommend mixing types for your specific project. Let us know what you have in mind and we can run you thru the best options.



Both the masonry sand and screening material that Green View has on offer are excellent choices for packing/supporting layers. Available year-round.


Baled Products

Our long leaf pine needles are beautiful and available year-round. Our high quality wheat straw is only available during certain times & it sells out quickly. So, double-check with us that it’s currently in before heading over. 



We bring in stone products specifically for landscape jobs as needed. Sometimes we order extra pallets per retail customer request.

Occasionally, we also have leftover pieces or even entire pallets when job requirements change. Contact us or swing by the shop to find out if what we have in stock suits your project needs.

Stone pricing fluctuates based upon type and weight. All pallets are tagged or our staff can answer pricing & delivery questions.

*All pricing subject to change without notice. Delivery extra. Check out our coverage and measurement guide here


Fresh To You

While we do not carry plant material on site, Green View is constantly working with the best local nurseries to provide for our landscape projects. We can bring in a variety of perennials, grasses, vines, shrubs and trees for our retail customers usually within 2 weeks. Let us know if you have a specific request (variety, size, price point, etc) or request a recommendation for a particular spot.

Customer Shrubs