Green View Mulch Delivery



Are you looking to purchase mulch or soil for delivery? We can generally accommodate bookings within a couple of days. The base delivery fee increases with distance. Let us know your address and we can tell you which zone you fall under.

Our truck holds up to 20 scoops of mulch (roughly 17 yards); 10 scoops of soil, screenings or sand (7.5 yards); or 125 bales of long leaf pine needles. We usually only carry one product per delivery as there is no way to keep different types separated when raising the bed.

Because of weight and possible damage, our truck cannot go off of hard surfaces (for example, across wet yards). Our drivers maintain the right to refuse a designated area should they find it dangerous or inaccessible.


Customer Pick Up

Customer Pick Up

In addition to our delivery option, customers are invited to pick up directly from the Green View shop and bulk goods yard. We recommend bringing a tarp and a means to securely tie it down. This will help prevent loss as well as increase safety during transport.

Simply pull around to the rear parking lot. Come inside and we will help answer any questions about product, cost or coverage. You will then complete your purchase and be directed where to move your truck or trailer. You’ll be loaded and on your way in a jiffy!


Measurement Assistance

We are happy to help you figure out coverage and provide a quote. We will require the bed sizes in footage (length x width) plus the average depth you will be looking for in inches (when developing new beds, you will most likely want to go at least 3″ deep on mulch)

Want to do the math yourself? Check out this measurement guide at our blog.